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Welcome Message from Sock Monkey Sisters

Welcome to Sock Monkey Sisters. We love all things Sock Monkeys. We really enjoy the fun of creating them from old socks as well as new red heel socks.

The old-fashioned, handcrafted sock monkey dolls made with Original Red Heel socks is what got it all started for us.

Together we (Jill & Ann) have been cleverly crafting Sock Monkeys and other animal sock critters for years and years.

Today we keep the tradition alive by making monkeys and other critters out of any kind of socks we can find. We honestly treat each creation as a living real personality and it all starts with a birth certificate that is given to each and every sock monkey that is born from our hands. (an original Sock Monkey Sisters birth certificate is included in the price)

Please page through our website and enjoy the fun photos that we have taken of our adorable sock monkeys...

Feel free to email us if you have any ideas or need any special request monkeys or quantity discounts.
Thanks for visiting!

#Long Live Sock Monkeys.

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